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Opener: The Greatest Show Production Number: Drum Corps Videos A Million Dreams Closer: This is Me Color Guard Try-Outs: Will be held from 3:00-5:00 PM on Monday, February 22nd. Drum Line and Pit Percussion (THIS IS FOR NEXT SEASON'S BAND so it includes current 8th graders!) The first practic e is Thursday Evening, February 25th from 6:00 - 7:30 PM. 

THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH Drum Corps Videos MAJORS AND SQUAD LEADERS. I am really excited about this year's crop of leaders. I did speak with them last week, and they assure me they are working as fast as they can. 

I am working with the school district to get their help in the collection process now. Because the situation with marching band and football is still very fluid, we aren't depositing any payments until we receive confirmation from the school district that we are able to go away to Eagle Village for band camp.

There are hundreds of amazing marching bands all over America, but we wanted to highlight some of the best. PLEASE FILL OUT THIS GOOGLE FORM BY SUNDAY, JULY 26TH SO WE KNOW IF YOU ARE STILL IN MARCHING BAND! But we sure do have some awesome marching bands of normal people - complete with pounding bass drums, brassy trumpets, and don’t forget the 76 trombones. 

Even reading this text, you will find that he is by far much more concerned with people being Christian than slaves being freed -- he mocks infidelity, calling it productive of ruinous vice. There will be even more info in the near future, so check the blog every day from here on out! This will probably include daily temp screening by our nurse along with filling out an online form each day. 

Tomorrow kicks off the first day of Pre Band Camp! Uniform is the same as the parade: Band camp shirt, khaki shorts, black socks and solid black shoes. It includes buying the music, getting the drill, paying instructional staff, band shirt, and box lunch for Monday-Thursday of camp. We do not plan on cashing anyone's check until Band camp is a go.

There is currently a plan to get three enormous tents for various uses at the HS and we will be utilizing them as well. We hope to have a plan in place by the end of the month. Tailgate help from adults is usually needed starting between 4:30-5pm. I hope this helps if anyone is planning work schedules for the Fall. 

We will work something out. While we are on the subject, if there is ever a time where you or your child has a problem getting a ride to practice or a performance, We can almost always work it out if we have enough time. 

Athletic Bands Scholarships are available for winds, brass, percussion, color guard and majorettes through an audition. Unlike in the States, bands have a strong presence in Latin America, especially those with Prussian, French, Spanish origins. Please let me know in class if you have problems. I know that sounds heartless, but you have to understand that our activity was not going to be allowed at all. If anyone is interested in how that is going to break down, we can do it for you.

If you like, you can pass that code along to grandma and grandpa and any other loved ones who want to see it. For those who have the app for marching band, this info was shared on the Facebook Page when Karn Evil 9 was introduced and last night. In addition, roll stepping allows for a much broader range of tempos to be performed well: 

The proper execution of a roll step will give a player marching at 40 beats per minute the same smooth tone as a player who is marching at 180. The proper form prevents the wind player from bouncing and moving around unnecessarily, thus producing an unstable tone. Hello! I sent emails to the Marching Band and NYC trip email addresses that I have but, wanted to make sure I didn't miss anyone. Invite were sent out to ll the kids via google classroom. 

I don't want anyone missing out because of money. And you earn the rebates on money you have to spend anyway. If you paid via PayPal or money order, we will issue refunds, if needed. We will treat this disease as a legitimate threat and diligently work to protect each other.

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