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Can you have children of your own?


To have children is a blessing and also not to have one doesn’t mean you are cursed. There are a lot of reasons of having children and also there are a lot of reasons of not to having children. 

We have to understand that we are not gifted the same and overall it is God who gives children, let us remember that God can foresee the future also, if you do not have children there might be things that he knows which you do not know, so you do not have to crucify yourself for not having children and for those who now have children enjoy that beautiful blessing, you are entrusted with what you have. 

Children means a million to every parent, once you are a parent you will understand that children are the flowers and the future of the world, they bring much optimism for us as parents. Children plays a vital role in marriage and also a marriage without children might suffer a bit, it might lack happiness however it shouldn’t be, to have children that doesn’t mean they have to come from your womb, you may still consider other options like surrogates and or adoptions. 

Children are very important in life. If you do not know your exact image, you should just take a look at your children, surely you will find so many millions characters in them which mimic yours. Children are your image, they are a perfect mirror to reflect you, their characters might combine both husband and wife characters. 

The behaviour, attitude of a man or woman with children and a man or a woman without children differs greatly since a person with children might do everything with caution, he might behave very good to live for his children, he can avoid even a simple arguments fearing that he might go to jail should things go odd or he might lose his life. A person without children might behave reckless with no fear to die or to go to jail; he might have no care at all because he does not know how to be a parent. 

We cannot conclude this in this way only; we can also contradict ourselves by saying it also depends on the level of their maturity, meaning a person with no children might behave in an ethical manner since he is matured enough. 

I am very convinced that the elders understand it better that during their elderly interlude, they need their children mostly, since they may stay with them if they have no homes to stay, they might need them to dress them up, protect them, feed them and others important things, during this times who is going to do this if you have no children at all. 

Children are the extension of your hands, eyes and ears; they reach everywhere where you can’t reach when you are old or unable to do things on your own. Children hold the success of the world; they are our future doctors who might have solutions for all this viruses which rampage the world. 

They are future leaders, engineers, technicians, teachers, doctors, inventors and scientists and you can see that all this is impossible to be done by a single person, so they are very crucial in life and the world need them, they shine in every corner they are. To cut this matter short, everyone who have the zeal to have children one day, needs to plan and check his maturity, finances , marital status , accommodation. Having children without checking all this might create difficulties in raising them.

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