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About Us

What Sets Our Business Apart from others

Movietato is a South African brand and video production firm. We encourage all video content creators to make engaging videos, publish them to our platform, and then profit. Having individuals on video and connecting can elicit feelings that written words cannot. A video, even if it’s just your voice over a screen recording, can convey context that text alone cannot. Videos allow you to create authority and personalize your message.

What makes videos crucial for your audience?

In just one social media post, a skilfully produced video may draw in viewers, inform them about your business, its goods, and services, and motivate them to take action. In terms of leads and conversions, this has proven to be highly successful.

How much money do content creators make?

It’s important to make money from any work, and with Movietato, you can do so instantly depending on how you connect your work to your audience. Video creators can choose to make their work premium, in which case your audience will have to pay to view it. As a content creator, it’s up to you to make your work premium or free.

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